Wednesday, August 3, 2011


James is a fun little guy. He likes to hear weird noises as well as make them. Sheep noises are some of his favorite. He loves to stick out his tongue and see if you'll do it back. He hates to keep still and is constantly moving. He is super independent and prefers to do things on his own. He loves playing with the basketball hoop, riding and pushing his walker, pushing cars and trucks around and watching other people. He loves the water especially playing in the bath or the kiddie pool but hates to be splashed too much. He is also finally starting to sleep through the night which has been wonderful. He has the funniest crooked smile and a deep little laugh when he finds something particularly funny. He usually likes to play on his own so I sit on the floor and watch him. He'll often suddenly stop what he is doing and come crawling over to me as fast as he can. He plows his head right into me, snuggles for a few seconds and then goes back to what he is doing. He is a super good climber and loves to do so. He climbs up onto the couch, up and down the stairs, trys to climb onto beds and without a doubt will climb all over you if you are laying on the floor.

He has had lots of firsts since we have been in Utah....first time riding his walker
First picnic
First time eating solids-just look at that face
First time sitting up on his own
and first Christmas.
He also took his first steps not too long ago, his first solid steps last Friday and is now getting more adventerous and walking around more. A video to come soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quinn Man

So it has been a forever since we have posted some updates and our family has been through a lot of changes. But more on that later. For now here are some updates on Quinn since we moved to Utah.
Now that the bar is over Quinn gets to spend a lot more time with Peter. It has been so wonderful for the kids to have more time with their dad. Quinn has really liked making houses for his cars and big towers out of his blocks.
Getting a massage...what a life
Our cute little manGetting used to the snow. He loves it! sledding, snowballs, taking walks in name it

Playing in the yard

Since we have been here Quinn has given up now he has quiet time. He still gets pretty tired though and one day I found him all tuckered out on the floor. Another time I found him like this....

Somehow he had gotten a hold of my mascara?!
Quinn is my little buddy. He loves going to craft and fabric stores with me, helping clean the house, cooking and looking after James. He has recently started telling me stories which are so fun to hear. One day he was telling me about a dream he had where a train flew to the moon... I love hearing him talk. He tells me what he did in nursery, his concerns about things, fun things he wants to do like can we go to the plane museum when James wakes up?
We are finally potty training. We had been dabbling in potty training since Quinn was 18 months and we finally did it. He still has the occasional accident, usually because he when he is in quiet time he has a hard time letting us know he needs to go and he still in diapers at night but he is usually dry about 90% of the time.
He is also now in a big kid bed. He had started climbing out of his crib and we wanted to use the crib for James so we moved Quinn into his own bed. It was a long process. He was always a really good sleeper but I think the move was hard on him and getting him to go to bed was something I dreaded every night. Then moving him into a different bed at the same time of the move made things even harder on him. But after a month or so we finally figured things out and it has been going a lot better
Its been so nice to be close to family. I think Quinn has a lot of fun with his cousins and love love loves Grandma and Grandpa Bracken. He talks about them all the time.
We love our little two year old!