Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 4th birthday James!

James had a great birthday. We started off with a party in the park with a few friends. They had fun getting wet in the splash pad, eating sandwiches and cupcakes and just running around. For dinner we went to Brick Oven for pizza and then had family over for cake in the evening. He got lots of fun presents, transformers, cars, and a bike. I can't believe how big our little man has gotten. He is the sweetest little one. He loves his stuffed animals, especially his little dog which he calls Paigy. He has a great imagination and loves making up games with his cars. He loves art, especially water painting. He likes to dig and play at the park and going swimming. He is now enjoying primary and has worked so hard to participate in class. He loves to sing. His favorite songs are the theme songs from Mighty Machines and Thomas. He also has strong opinions on what he likes to listen to. His favorites are kids songs, Disney songs and songs from artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lifehouse etc. He does such a great job at doing his chore list and getting himself ready in the morning and likes to keep things in order and clean.  He is curious and energetic and super excited to start preschool in a few weeks.  Love you Jimmy Bean! 
I just love this video, he was so so happy!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

18 months

 This little pumpkin went to her first day of nursery today. I am so excited for her as she is sooo ready. A couple of times over the past few weeks we have gone and stayed with her because honestly she was just so busy in class and I would rather be in the nursery with her than wondering the hallway. She was super cute as she played toys, sat at the table for snacks and tried to color. She followed the other kids and say by the wall for singing and loved the bubbles.
 Technically she won't be 18 months for another three days but somehow I messed that up and thought today was the first day. Close enough right? She is so spunky and full of attitude. She is sweet and caring and loves to help others.

She has started speaking a little more. Her favorite word is baby and just loves her dolls. She also says mama, dada, muma for Emma, up, uh-oh (she sticks her lips out when she says this, cutest thing ever and will let you know if anything is out of place or has fallen down), dah! for her brothers. If she can't see them or thinks they are too far away she calls out Dah! Dah! until they are back. She also can moo and say woof but pretty much for any animal she makes a quacking sound. Did I mention she loves ducks! She likes to blow raspberries and will make a 'ithck' sound if anything is gross like a stinky diaper or ritz crackers which she apparently doesn't like anymore. She loves her food and says 'nana' and more. She says muh for milk and does the sign to go along with it.

She is brave and likes to go down the slide at the park and climb as high as I will let her. She is ok with swings but would rather wander around, climb stairs and dig. She likes to rough house, be chased and play hide n seek. If you sit down and open your arms wide she runs into them giggling, gives a hug and then runs to the other side of the room to do it over again. She loves to be outside and to look for rocks. We went hiking the other day and tried a hiking back back for the first time. She was so excited! She kept hugging my neck and peeking around to see my face and saying 'hiya!' We go on lots of bike rides and she likes being in both the trailer and the bike seat. We planted some veggies a few weeks ago and she had a blast putting the starters into bigger pots.

Love you Ems! What a sweet and wonderful little one you are!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Mothers day was wonderful! Quinn brought me breakfast in bed not just this morning but yesterday too. Raisin bran, OJ and three pink tulips which Quinn proudly said represented him, James and Emma. The boys sang in sacrament meeting and did a wonderful job. James kept telling me happy mothers day randomly throughout the day along with a hug and a kiss. I got to speak with my mum and visit with my mother in law. Truly a fabulous day. I am so grateful for my munchkins and for how much joy they bring into my life. I'm so grateful for a husband who is supportive of me as a mother and who is a fantastic father, I couldn't raise these little ones without him.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Right now...

Cooking: Zuppa Toscana. Yum!
Drinking: Orange and Pineapple juice, this is my coffee. I don't think I could make it through the morning without a shot of juice :-)
Reading: Uncle Tom's Cabin and My Promised Land.
Wanting: A nap
Looking: At a very messy house
Wishing: for trivial things
Enjoying: listening to Quinn play the piano
Liking: playing with the kids
Wondering: when we will be able to get outside and play
Loving: sweet snuggles from my baby
Hoping: to travel....Oregon, Austria, England, Thailand, Italy.....
Needing: something yummy to eat
Smelling: My favorite perfume (Amber Romance)
Wearing: yummy warm black sweater and jeans
Noticing: the wind is still blowing
Knowing: this summer is going to be fantastic!
Thinking: my to do list
Feeling: overwhelmed
Bookmarking: more books to read :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Love love love watching the kids play with Dad. They sure love him and he loves them right back and I can't get enough of it

 We got to go down to the BYU spring game. It was a blast!
 Love this girl!
And how cool is this little guy!

Friday, January 24, 2014


I really do love the winter. Snow is so beautiful, the world can be so quiet and still and there is a cold, pristine beauty that can be breathtaking. I love the crunch of the snow under boots and hearing the drips from melting icicles. I love watching my children explore in the snow, to grasp cold fistfuls of it, to dig and shovel, make foot prints, and use sticks to trace patterns and letters into a blank canvas. I love watching my baby girl eagerly walk with one foot on the path and the other on the crunchy bank of snow. I love the rosy cheeks and the excitement in their eyes. And then I love coming inside to get warm and drink hot cocoa


....I have been so grateful for these two wonderful boys. They are best friends! I love to see them reading, working and playing together. I love hearing their sweet conversations with each other. I often catch them reading each other a story, or one helping the other put on a coat, getting breakfast for each other and making up after a fight.
 ....I have come to realize just how much I love having a daughter. Boys I knew I could handle but a girl? But she is the most amazing little one and now I can't even remember why I was so worried. I definitely see a little more drama and can't help but smile at this little face she makes when she doesn't get what she wants
 ...we have been doing lots of playing in the water and everyone loves it. Em loves holding objects filled with water up in the air and watching the water pour out. She loves seeing bubbles float down into the tub from the bubble maker and can soak the floor in two seconds flat with her enthusiasm.
 ...we have been able to get outside. Its been a pretty mild winter, and even though its been cold the sun has been out enough that we have been enjoying going on walks and watching beautiful sunsets.
 ...I have been soaking in as much of this face as I can
 ...and this face
 ...there have been lots of snuggles and stories with dad. The kids are so excited when Daddy comes home and wait for him anxiously each night.
 .... We have been busy building walls and knocking them down has become a favorite
 ....Quinn has been such a helpful big brother. Here he is helping James figure out the right answer for one of their math games.
 ...Emma has been taking in the world around her and watching everyone and everything outside