Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Peter started his externship on Monday. He has to drive quite a ways three times a week but it is going to be a great experience for him. He is working for Shisheido/Zotos. There is a lot of IP work involved which is great, as well as some general law.

I have been doing the same stuff...sewing, cleaning, cooking, playing with the little guy, being pregnant, being tired, practicing the piano, reading, and spending time with the hubster.

Quinn has been growing lots of teeth, working on getting over his ear infection, learning counting and letters, learning new words, making us all smile and being his cute little self.

Where does this go?

I asked Quinn to take his temperature today.Apparently the belly button is where the thermometer goes.

Poor little guy has been very miserable and sick. He had a temperature for 4 days two weeks ago. We took him to the Doctor and it was an ear infection. We started him on antibiotics and he perked right up though we still noticed him tugging on his ear for a while after. Then Saturday he broke out in a funky rash. It looked like big mosquito bites, red and swollen and a good size. It was over his face, arms, legs and belly. Then Sunday morning he was getting little red dots too. I called his doctor wondering if it was a reaction the amoxacillin and she said to stop giving it to him. He was already on day 9 and had already had his dose for the morning. By the afternoon the rash was already fading but we decided not give him anymore medicine. We had a doctor's appointment to check on things today and by the time we got there he had a fever and was shaking. He was so sad :-( He still had the infection in one ear so now he is on a different antibiotic. We aren't sure if the amoxacillin caused the rash since the it started to fade before we got a chance to stop giving it to him and the doctor said the rash sounded more viral than an allergic reaction. He is such a trooper! So sweet even when he isn't feeling great. Hope you get better soon buddy!

Preggie Pictures

So blogger is being frustrating and I can't reverse the order of these pictures. Anywho, here are a few pregnancy pictures.Me and my sweetheart at 26 weeks. (ignore my living room. we had the massage table set up as I was trying to use my belly to take some pictures to show pregnancy massage. My belly is still a little too small. We'll have to try again in a few weeks)
25 weeks.
I think this one was taken around 14 weeks.

3rd trimester...

...here we come!Definitely getting bigger. I feel bigger this time than I did with Quinn and it feels like little peanut is higher up. I have been wanting to compare photos from my pregnancy with Quinn but I can't find those pictures on my computer :-( Maybe the hubs knows where they are....I'll have to bug him about that sometime.

I'm feeling good. Tired, for sure, starting to feel awkward and I have started waddling. But everything is going wonderfully and I am grateful.

I can't believe I am already in the 3rd trimester, I feel like we completely skipped the second trimester. My midwife gave me a third trimester packet which listed all the things to pack in a hospital bag. Pack a hospital bag? This still feels a little surreal, I know we have a baby in the future but it feels like a year away not three months.

I have been repeatedly telling people that I am skipping labor this time. This sounded like a great plan! But truthfully I am terrified of labor this time around. I was trying to figure out why. Granted, I have experienced labor now and know better what to expect. You would think that this would make me feel better prepared this time. The more I thought about it the more I realized that with Quinn was so excited about the privilage of being pregnant, it didn't matter what I went through because I got to be pregnant, got to give birth, got to become a mother. I think I had forgotten how much I value being a mother and all the joys and pain that make being a mother so meaningful. So now I am feeling a lot better. Giving birth to Quinn was one of the best days of my life, and I know giving birth to James will be one of the best days too.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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