Monday, June 22, 2009

Anticipation and other toys

5 months old love anticipation. They think it is the funniest thing ever. Favorite games now include tickle time and shark.

When we were moving into our apartment I overheard a neighbor telling the people who were helping us move that our baby was spoilt. Yikes! I never want to spoil my children and as I looked around our apartment I can see how she thought that. we have a playmat, an exersaucer, a swing and a bouncer, the crib, and plenty of clothes, shoes and toys. Then I realized how blessed are to have all of this. We bought the crib and the exersaucer but everything else has been given to us. And I don't think Quinn is spoiled. We spend so much time with him interacting,. We want to have a relationship with our son and we want to teach him about all that is in the world. When I do need a moment to get things done I am glad that he has toys to entertain him so he can keep learning and having fun. His exersaucer is great because he can play and sit up at the same time. His bouncer is fun for him because even though he doesn't really bounce he likes to walk around a little in it and gives him freedom. Having a few toys gives him the ability to make choices, his swing has helped him to learn about motion, his bath seat lets him enjoy the water and his stroller and car seat have enabled us to take him places such as the zoo, library, parks and airports. I don't think you need a lot to raise a child, simplicity is the best way but I am grateful for the generosity of others that has given our son new and fun experiences I am most grateful though for the generosity that has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mum and to devote most of my time to our little moose. There is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Scooting and Sitting

Yup, thats right, our little moose is seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Sitting up and seeing his parents at the same time!

Haircuts and teeth

So you might remember me posting about 4 months ago that Quinn had a tooth. Well, turns out this tooth was on a spring and popped in and out of Quinn's poor little mouth for a while. Some days there was an obvious white point and the next it was gone. Well last Monday I got bitten but a nice sharp new tooth and this one was here to stay. I think the tooth must have been lonely though cuz the next day another one popped up right next to it. So our little man now officially has his two bottom middle teeth.
I was also shocked to find that at 5 months he needed a haircut. He sitll doesn't have a ton but what he did have was growing into a mullet and really long bangs so a haircut was needed. You can't really tell from the pictures but we took of about 2 inches in the front.


Reason #435 I love our new apartment: We live around the corner from the library. We have some great books for Quinn but its always nice to get a new book. Just so I don't have to read the same one for the 567th time. One book we found that we especially liked is called Peedie. It is about a gosling named Peedie who forgets things. But he always remembers his red baseball cap, until one day he looses it. Such a cute book. Its simple, interesting and the illustrations are great!

Fun things to do in CT

We had a fabulous time picking strawberries last week with our friend Kylie and her cutie Kennedy.

These strawberries were fresh, delicious and sweet. And of course, strawberries mean homemade cheesecake. MMmmmm

Happy Fathers Day

Peter was a great father, even from the time Quinn was the size of a bean. He took care of his son by helping take care of me. He would cook dinner and help clean as fatigue and morning sickness over took. He came to every doctors appointment and gave his input on all the important decisions to be made. He single handily put together the crib so his son would have a place to sleep and was involved in making decisions from what kind of bottles we should get and mattress firmness to car seat safety and a coming home outfit. His excitement and enthusiasm was evident.Peter was there for every moment of the labor and delivery. He was an awesome coach and helped ensure the safe arrival of his son. He was brave enough to observe his son's entry into the world amidst all the goop and was wiling to cut the umbilical cord. He was there every moment to take care of him while I was recovering.
Peter is a proud papa. He is always telling me "man I like this kid" or "I'll think we'll keep him" (even though I think we made that decision a long time ago :-p) He notices all Quinn's growths and accomplishments and always gets a childlike excitement when Quinn does something cool.
Being a papa sure is tiring but Peter always has time for his son, even if its just napping together. Peter doesn't just take care of Quinn when he is happy and smiling but when he is hurt, upset or mad and stinky. He has waited patiently for his son to learn how to fall asleep knowing that even though the cries were heartwrenching that it was the best thing for his son. He has comforted him after yucky shots and soothed him as little teeth try to make their way through. He is the one who usually changes the goopiest, stinkiest diapers, takes no thought about spit up geting all over his shirts and is always willing to bathe and clothe Quinn

And Quinn sure adores his amazing father. The smiles on his face when Daddy comes home sure are cute.
Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New discoveries

Mum, I'm 23 weeks old, time to start giving me solids.

What is this stuff?! I thought solids were supposed to be yummy.
Hmmm, how about we try sweet potatoes?

Man this is good!

So good I want to feed myself

I want more of this, is it ok if I lick it off my bib?

Thanks Mum!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MN Trip

Quinn and I had a fabulous time in Minnesota! We hung out with family, played with my crazy dog, and did lots of english homework ( it was as if David's teacher was trying to see just how far she could push her students before they cracked). Lyden took the time to help improve my tennis skills. Well ok, it wasn't really improviing, it was more learning how to hold the racket, yes I wasn't even doing that right, but it was a lot of fun. We got even more exercise riding bikes around the beautiful Maple grove trails.
My Mum and I spent hours sewing. She patiently helped me work on some current projects I had going to help decorate my apartment and consequently we made lots of trips to JoAnn's. Heaven! We also got a chance to attend the Minnesota temple which was a beautiful, peaceful and spritual experience. I had not been able to attend a temple session with my mother for the past two years and so I was grateful for the opportunity to go with her.
Quinn and I missed Peter like crazy and I think he might have missed us just a teensie bit.
Its so hard to be away from family but I don't particulary want to live in MN so I have decided we might just need to get rid of the states in between here and there so we can be closer! It was a fun and relaxing trip and I hope to go back soon :-)

Papi and Quinn at Minnetonka Lake

We had fun playing at the beach at the Minnetonka Lake

Quinn and Aunt Joanie

Quinn tried his first solid foods while we were at Granma's and Papi's. He took the first spoonful really well and swollowed it too! But any other attempts were thwarted by flailing arms, grimaces and a moving head. He did not want any more of the rice cereal! We gave the left over's to Paige (our cockerspanial) and even she wouldn't touch it and she eats everything!!! Today we tried mixing it with breastmilk and it went a lot better and he even seemed to enjoy it.

Quinn and Uncle David

Quinn and Granma Jen