Thursday, October 16, 2008

29 weeks

Just less 11 more weeks to go until little Quinn is here. I try not to think about how much time is left because it seems like it will never come but I can't help myself, I am so excited! And scared, nervous and a whole mix of emotions. I am anxious to get the nursery finished but I need Peter's muscles so that will have to wait until Thanksgiving. Pregnancy is definitely different than I thought it would be but so amazing. I love feeling Quinn squirm and kick. If I gently poke my belly he will usually kick back and if I lay on my side he always scoots over so he is against the surface too and loves to kick it. He definitely already has a mind and spirit of his own. I am truly grateful that the Lord trusts us enough to be parents and that he was willing to entrust this little spirit to us.


JoDee said...

What a little cutie! Can you believe we've only got about 10 weeks to go?!? Exciting, scary, nervous, all at the same time, huh?

Doran & Jody said...

Congratulations!!! Good luck to you.