Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life with our little one

Being a mum is literrally the best thing ever! I love being responsible for our little guy...making sure he is fed, warm, healthy and happy no matter how sore or tired I get. Its worth it, especially when he decides to show off his gummy smiles, snuggles into me and makes those sweet cooing noises.

Seeing how great Peter is at being a father is another great part about having a baby. I love seeing them interact! It brings out a whole new side of him that I have never seen before and makes him even more amazing.

Tummy Time! Its so neat to see how much this little guy is learning and how strong he is getting. Its so fun to watch him when he is belly down as he tries to climb up the surface he is on; his little arms flailing and hands grasping as he tries to go higher.

Other Favourite Things

Quinn is so easy to please. He loves his swing, especially sleeping in it! He aslo enjoys laying on his playmat and is getting really good at swatting the fun toys hanging over him.


Jenna said...

Aww, he's just precious! Look at those cheeks. I bet you are loving this. Did it help that you two got to practice with Audrey? I hope so!

Liz and Peter said...

The practice was great, but I have to admit its much easier with your own. She definitely got us prepared for changing diapers!

Anonymous said...

Quinn looks so big! I want to put all that hair into a mohawk. We need to have you guys over soon so Kennedy and Quinn can hang out while the adults play games.


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Awwwww... how cute! He is so little and so precious! I love his dark hair. What a good kid! It looks like he is a good snuggler and that must be so fun!

JoDee said...

I can't believe how quick they are growing! That's so great he is so mellow for you guys - you're doing such a great job loving him! It's fun to see what parenthood brings out in you.