Friday, May 1, 2009

What do you get when you cross a 4 month old, moving and finals?


Hence my lack of posts recently. So here are some updates on what has been happening around here.
1st and foremost Quinn learnt to roll over! We were lucky enough to see him start trying and grabbed the camara. See below. He now likes to chill on his belly ALL the time. He also rolls over whenever he is really upset or hungry which just makes him sad but its cute anyways. Its fun to see how as he grows and develops how he gets more independent i.e he rolls over to look for food. He has also assumed really unusual sleeping positions which include laying squished up against the bars of his crib and having his arm tucked under the mattress. He sure looks cozy though! And as I have been writting this post he has managed to figure out how to stick his legs under him with his cute bum in the air and make like an inch worm and is wiggling his way across the floor. Next step: Crawling!

He is also becoming way more interested in his toys. Today he leaned forward, saw a toy and went oooo as he leaned for it. Pretty cool!

Quinn after he retrieved his toy.

He is getting so smart too. If something is out of reach on his blanket he will pull on the blanket until he gets his toy. Good thinking son!

We enjoyed an awesome General Conference, a quiet easter and sped right on into finals. Yuck and more yuck! Three down, two more to go. I, mean while, have decided that our house wasn't exciting enough and to solve the problem have strategically place boxes, swings, shoes and laundry to make a fun maze. And the cool thing is that it changes everyday! I have a promise from a sweet hubby to come get more boxes with me tomorrow so hopefully that will restore a little order.

I have also begun the grand task of cooking 29 meals. Since I will be out of town in about a 10 days and need to be all packed I wanted to make a bunch of meals I could freeze so the dishes could be packed. And then, since I was going to be gone for two weeks, I decided to take pity on Peter and make more dinners so he didn't have to worry about cooking with no pots or pans (though I'm sure he would have been satisfied with pizza but my health freak side couldn't have that now). So far I have made 14. Yummy! I also made a delicious Almond toffee tart yesterday...and it is almost gone. Peter hasn't had any yet. I wonder how health freakish I really am. Either way it was divine!

We have been making the most of the beautiful weather and since we won't be close to the harbour for too much longer (1 month to go ) Quinn and I have been enjoying the view.

Quinn exploring grass

17 Weeks


Ritchie Family Blog said...

So cute! I love the picture of you and Quinn and the roll over video is fun too. So wait- you are moving away from a harbour? Where are you moving to and from???

Liz and Peter said...

Ya, we are moving up to Hamden which about 10 minutes away to be closer to school for Peter and to get a more baby friendly apartment. I'm super excited!
How is law school treating you guys?

Kylie Walker said...

Liz you are amazing. 29 meals? Peter is one lucky man!