Monday, September 21, 2009

Castle #2

So my brother really was on this vacation with us but we didn't get many pictures with him. This one was taken in front of Bodium castle. The castle was beautiful, complete with moat and all.

I had to post this picture of my dad. Its just one of the images that come to mind when I think about him: Relaxing with a cup of tea/coffee

My Dad and Quinn on the grounds of Bodium castle

Our little moose was such a trooper on our trip but he did get tuckered out. He was crawling around on our bed and just fell asleep.

We found a deli named after our little cutie. Well, I am assuming it was named before he was born but ya know.

Quinn and Granddad, July 2009

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Ritchie Family Blog said...

Wow! Those castles are incredible! I would love to see one. Quinn is sooo cute! I love the picts with your dad and Quinn chillin'.