Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food, Books and Quinn


Quinn and I made homemade granola bars this week. They were so yummy! Even more so because I put chocolate in them. I mean you can't just have raisin granola bars. And the fruit mix I bought to put in them was disgusting! Every variety of fruit tasted the same as another kind. Thats just not right! Never buy the cheep dried fruit. I look forwarded to making them again...probably a healthier version this time.

Did you know the best way to read a book is to sit on it? Its the only way.

We have been reading lots of fun books recently. I was so excited to find this particular book at the library. I had completly forgotten about it until I stumbled on it this week. Elizabeth was a princess and was going to marry Prince Ronald. Unfortunatly a dragon comes, burns up the castle and carries off Prince Ronald. Elizabeth finds a brown paper bag to wear since all her clothes were burned up and sets off to rescue Ronald. She cleverly tricks the dragon and defeats him. But sadly Prince Ronald is a snob and tells her to come back and rescue him when she is dressed properly and is cleaned up. Elizabeth replies "RONALD! Your hair is nice. You look like a prince. But you are a BUM!" And they didn't get married after all. Love this book! I remember reading it all the time when I was little. Maybe because the Princess was named Elizabeth. Maybe because it has awesome pictures and the Princess is smart. But probably because I liked her sass.

And of course, I have to add a few pictures of Quinn.

Quinn likes climbing in things.

And under things.

And pretty much on and through and under everything. He loves being on the move. Last Sunday he pushed a little chair all the way around the church building. He loves pushing his toy boxes, and pots and pans, and the vacuum and bits of paper. Anything he can get his hands on.

He is our pride and joy.

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