Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3rd trimester...

...here we come!Definitely getting bigger. I feel bigger this time than I did with Quinn and it feels like little peanut is higher up. I have been wanting to compare photos from my pregnancy with Quinn but I can't find those pictures on my computer :-( Maybe the hubs knows where they are....I'll have to bug him about that sometime.

I'm feeling good. Tired, for sure, starting to feel awkward and I have started waddling. But everything is going wonderfully and I am grateful.

I can't believe I am already in the 3rd trimester, I feel like we completely skipped the second trimester. My midwife gave me a third trimester packet which listed all the things to pack in a hospital bag. Pack a hospital bag? This still feels a little surreal, I know we have a baby in the future but it feels like a year away not three months.

I have been repeatedly telling people that I am skipping labor this time. This sounded like a great plan! But truthfully I am terrified of labor this time around. I was trying to figure out why. Granted, I have experienced labor now and know better what to expect. You would think that this would make me feel better prepared this time. The more I thought about it the more I realized that with Quinn was so excited about the privilage of being pregnant, it didn't matter what I went through because I got to be pregnant, got to give birth, got to become a mother. I think I had forgotten how much I value being a mother and all the joys and pain that make being a mother so meaningful. So now I am feeling a lot better. Giving birth to Quinn was one of the best days of my life, and I know giving birth to James will be one of the best days too.

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