Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long or short?

I am in desperate need of a new haircut and style. I love having long hair but don't have the time to style it as much as I would like to and it takes for ever to dry and straighten. Either way I want to go I need it to be at least 3" shorter.

I like this first one a lot. I love all of the layers and feel that it would be pretty easy to maintain.

I am also really drawn to this type of hairstyle. It's cute and sassy but definitely a lot shorter and I am kinda scared to cut off all that hair. Also, the shorter my hair the more wavy, frizzy and curly it is so getting it straight is more of a challenge.

Which one do you think I should go with?


David and Amy said...

Both cuts are so cute and I think you would look great in either! But, I think the first might be more practical...the shorter 'do seems to have a lot of shorter layers that might not reach into a ponytail on days that you don't have time to style it. Post pictures when you get it done!

Cherie said...

Although I think your hair is beautiful and I love it, I vote for the first one. I have the same problem with my hair (hence the "always" ponytail look) with it getting wavy and frizzy when it's shoulder length. With the first one you'll have a lot more give. Plus, if you don't dig the first one you could always go shorter later on!

Aubrey Henrie said...

I vote for the longer one as well. Our hair is pretty similar and when I cut my hair short a couple of years ago it drove me crazy because it went so wave/curly that it took forever to get it straight enough for a ponytail.

The Thomases said...

My vote is the Carrie. You would look great!


Sounds unanimous so far! I agree, and think you should go for the longer cut. There are so many more style options with longer hair. I wish my hair would grow faster!!