Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Home: Part I

We have been in our house for 10 months now and I still haven't posted pictures, in part because there are a lot of projects and decorating that I want to do. I''m slowly getting things done in the massage room downstairs so I haven't had much time for the rest of house and I can't see all that I want to do being done anytime soon so I thought I would share some pictures anyways.
Our family room :-) This is a fun room. Perfect for playing with the kids and watching movies

Our dinning area.
I love this table but with three kids we are planning on getting a new one soon. I really love the square pub tables and think it would look great in here so that's what we are leaning towards but I will be so sad to part with this one.
Our kitchen is perfect. Not so small you can't move around but not so big it makes cooking hard because everything is so spaced out. We have a large pantry which I love, tons of storage space and I love that the boys can sit at the counter while I cook or to eat breakfast there. There is also a large desk area in the corner which you can't see in this picture which is great for helping me stay organized. I am anxious to get something on top of the cabinets, they feel so empty and one day would love to put in a back splash and replace the floor. Its not bad just not my favorite.I'm leaning towards staining the cabinets darker too. Its going to be beautiful!

This is our front room. I always end up in here. It is bright from the large windows and so inviting. From our window we can see the park and I love sitting on the couch watching the clouds drift by. I have some fun plans for above the piano which will hopefully be done soon because the off center clock drives me crazy. I also need to update our photos and get some more up there. The previous owners left the nails in so we just hung up a few that we had but they are baby pictures of Quinn and none of James.

I would love to get two chairs to put by the window. We always have family prayers and scriptures and family night in here and some more seating would be nice. Also we NEED curtains in here. You can see right in and we would like some more privacy but don't want to cut out too much of the view or the light.
This is  the boys rooms. Only Quinn is sleeping in here right now but We will be moving James in just a few weeks. Again lots of plans for this room. I started making some curtains this week and am excited to get those up
Quinn is now responsible for making his own bed. Its hard not to straighten it but am glad he is learning how to do this
This is the nursery, I love where the furniture is and am excited to make this into a little girls room but am sad to take down the things i made for the boys when they were born.

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engquist said...

I think you need to find another home for that table. It is FAR too beautiful to get rid of! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery (: