Sunday, September 16, 2012

28 weeks

When I was pregnant with Quinn a lot of people told me I was so little and didn't show that much. I did not really believe them. I felt big and uncomfortable and couldn't see my toes. When I looked back on some maternity pictures I realized I was smaller than a lot of women but it still didn't seem to me that I was that much smaller. With James, I didn't get too many comments about it, I suppose everyone by then knew that I looked smaller. With this pregnancy though everyone has said something about it. I felt like I started showing really fast and but then things seemed to slow down a lot. At my 24 week appointment I was measuring at 22 weeks. Nothing to worry about, my doctor said, these measurements can be a little inaccurate at this point, we will be able to tell better at your next appointment. But that combined with all the comments made me start really looking at my belly, wow where was this baby? maybe she was too small and wasn't growing and I started to worry. At my appointment yesterday I was measuring at 24 weeks when I am 28 weeks along, a whole month behind! So the doctor did an ultrasound...this little one is just fine! I am so relieved. She is in the 36% and approx. 2.5lbs. She said from ear to ear her head is slightly smaller than average but it was nothing to worry about. I'm not quite sure where she is hiding in there but I am so happy she is growing well. Her kicks are getting stronger and more solid and she hiccups all the time! For some reason I have worried a lot with this pregnancy. 1st baby, no worries, I knew everything would be just fine. 2nd baby my worries were more about how having two would be and how I would handle it. But with this one I worry about all the things that might go wrong, like we won't make it to the hospital in time, she isn't growing right, I will end up with gestational diabetes, wondering whether the decision to have an OB instead of a midwife was a mistake etc. When a friend was having her third she told me that she worried a lot too and that her midwife told her it was really common. That somehow having two children that have been healthy makes some women feel like that luck won't hold and something will go wrong. My biggest worry has been that she will be breach. And then in both the ultrasounds we have had she has been breach. I know that at this point she is all over the place and turning around all the time. She still has plenty of time and room to turn. So for now, I am telling her to please make sure she turns around in time and trying to stop worrying. Everything will be just fine.
 Sometimes 12 weeks seems like such a short time to do get everything done I want to before she comes, to enjoy full nights of sleep and the flexibility that has come with the boys getting older and more independent. But sometimes it seems like forever and that she will never come. I can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl!


engquist said...

I'm sure baby girl is healthy and happy! So excited for the boys to have a sister.

Ben and Laurie said...

The 3rd one is a whole different experience!! Good luck! I didn't worry during the pregnancy, but I should have :) She got here fine, was a wonderful baby--but then we were outnumbered and everything changed. Of course it is for the better. I just didn't realize how many adjustments we would have to make. Your kids are darling. It will be fun to see what she looks like too. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. You have a fun adventure ahead of you!

Laurie Elmore