Wednesday, November 14, 2012

37 Weeks

I'm officially full term. I love reaching this point, it just feels so nice to know that if she were to come that things would most likely be ok. 

We've had some concerns that she was too small. At my 32 weeks appointment I was only measuring at 27 weeks, 5 weeks behind! My OB decided to do an ultrasound and as she was so small they immediately hooked me up to monitor her for a few minutes. Even though I wasn't overly concerned, it did make me anxious, especially since I hadn't taken the stroller in with me that day and I had both boys with me. It also sent all sorts of worries through my head...she was measuring at 2.3lbs/ 10% which is considered the beginning of the danger zone, so thoughts of having to have her early because she was not growing well were mixed with the concerns of had I done everything I could to help her grow and develop like she should. My Ob suggested another ultrasound at the hospital to get some more details. At this one she was measuring at just over 3lbs and was in the 15%. Everything pointed to her being just a small little one, not small because she was having a problem growing but just to be sure we had another last Friday. She is now around 5.3lbs and in the 20% and I am only measuring 4 weeks behind. So just a little peanut.

Her room is coming together and I hope I can get it all ready before she arrives. Its so fun sewing and decorating for a little girl. It was much easier to decide on things with the boys but I am definitely having more fun picking out cute fabrics and my feminine side is making more of an appearance, pink is definitely becoming more appealing.

I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable. She is really low and walking has become a chore and rolling over in bed kills, there is so much pressure on my pubic bone. 

Other exciting things this week? I finally got a  new pajamas. I think I had my last ones since junior high?! Its the little things in life :-)

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