Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6 months

 This sweet beautiful girl is 6 months old today! Its gone by so fast but at the same time it feels like she has always been a part of our family. She is our sunshine and I love how happy she makes everyone around her.
 Em loves to see what is going on. She loves to watch people and I often see her straining to get a better look. She also loves to stand and will take some steps when you are holding her hands. Her favorite toys are her keys, a stuffed pig, taggy blanket and balls. She loves to pass a ball back and forth and of course chew on it. Whenever I try to read she hits the pages and starts talking so loudly its a struggle to keep reading so mostly we just look at the pictures and she tells me the story :-) She loves to 'sing' especially in church and when I sing to her. When I put her down for naps she will sing and coo so sweetly as I sing to her, even when she has her binky (which she pretty much just chews on and doesn't suck), she lets it just sit in her mouth so she can sing. I love it! She gives the best snuggles, gets sad when I leave the room and has lots big smiles especially first thing in the morning. She loves her toes and sucking on them and rolling all over the floor. She rarely will sleep on her back and usually rolls onto her side but still likes to be swaddled. She sticks her legs straight into the air and then flips over, its so funny to watch. She doesn't laugh a whole lot, even with all her smiles but when she does it is awesome! Quinn is the best getting her to laugh, apparently him jumping up and down is funny :-) She also chuckles a lot when tickle her belly. We started giving her oatmeal last week and this girl can not get enough! She was grabbing the spoon out of my hand in an attempt to get more, ate everything I made and barely dribbled. Clearly eating is fun!
We love you Em!

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