Friday, January 24, 2014


....I have been so grateful for these two wonderful boys. They are best friends! I love to see them reading, working and playing together. I love hearing their sweet conversations with each other. I often catch them reading each other a story, or one helping the other put on a coat, getting breakfast for each other and making up after a fight.
 ....I have come to realize just how much I love having a daughter. Boys I knew I could handle but a girl? But she is the most amazing little one and now I can't even remember why I was so worried. I definitely see a little more drama and can't help but smile at this little face she makes when she doesn't get what she wants
 ...we have been doing lots of playing in the water and everyone loves it. Em loves holding objects filled with water up in the air and watching the water pour out. She loves seeing bubbles float down into the tub from the bubble maker and can soak the floor in two seconds flat with her enthusiasm.
 ...we have been able to get outside. Its been a pretty mild winter, and even though its been cold the sun has been out enough that we have been enjoying going on walks and watching beautiful sunsets.
 ...I have been soaking in as much of this face as I can
 ...and this face
 ...there have been lots of snuggles and stories with dad. The kids are so excited when Daddy comes home and wait for him anxiously each night.
 .... We have been busy building walls and knocking them down has become a favorite
 ....Quinn has been such a helpful big brother. Here he is helping James figure out the right answer for one of their math games.
 ...Emma has been taking in the world around her and watching everyone and everything outside

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