Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 4th birthday James!

James had a great birthday. We started off with a party in the park with a few friends. They had fun getting wet in the splash pad, eating sandwiches and cupcakes and just running around. For dinner we went to Brick Oven for pizza and then had family over for cake in the evening. He got lots of fun presents, transformers, cars, and a bike. I can't believe how big our little man has gotten. He is the sweetest little one. He loves his stuffed animals, especially his little dog which he calls Paigy. He has a great imagination and loves making up games with his cars. He loves art, especially water painting. He likes to dig and play at the park and going swimming. He is now enjoying primary and has worked so hard to participate in class. He loves to sing. His favorite songs are the theme songs from Mighty Machines and Thomas. He also has strong opinions on what he likes to listen to. His favorites are kids songs, Disney songs and songs from artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lifehouse etc. He does such a great job at doing his chore list and getting himself ready in the morning and likes to keep things in order and clean.  He is curious and energetic and super excited to start preschool in a few weeks.  Love you Jimmy Bean! 
I just love this video, he was so so happy!

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