Friday, February 19, 2010

3rd Anniversary

Wednesday was our 3 year anniversary!

Peter and I met in May of 2006. I had just graduated from massage therapy school and was working and taking classes at BYU.

Peter had gotten off of his mission in February and this was his first semester back at BYU.
I was good friends with Peter's new roomates and we became good friends just hanging out and having fun.

We had our first date at the end of June. Peter took me to a round-about in the middle of Provo. It was a really neat spot, surrounded by shrubs, with a clearing in the middle and electrical outlets so we plugged in Peter's computer and watched a movie.
We started seriously dating at the end of July, were engaged in October and married in February.
Peter proposed to me on the round-about where we had our first date. I was setting up some blankets we could sit on to watch the movie and had my back to Peter. He took my hand and I turned around and saw him crouched down (it was dark) so I crouched down too. Then he starts saying sweet things, and I interupt him by echoing the same sentiments. Poor guy, I had no idea he was proposing. All of a sudden I realized what was going on and shut up. It was an awesome proposal and I of course said yes.

Peter always teases me that I didn't even look at the ring. That was because I was too busy hugging him. Much more important in my opinion than a ring. (I do absolutely love my ring though, its perfect!)

For our anniversary Peter surprised me by taking me to our favorite Italian restaurant, Carraba's. I had no idea they had them out here in the East, and was so surprised to look up on the hill and see the restaurant just sitting there. They have the best sirloin marsala, I love it! This was a restaurant we went to a couple of times in Provo, and really reminds us of the early days of our marriage and all of our college fun. It has a casual, romantic atmosphere and is a great place to eat good food and just be together. For dessert we came home and had some chocolate covered strawberries. So yummy!

I'm so glad that I have been able to be married to him for these past three years and am excited for many more years to come.

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SalleeAnn and Matt said...

Too cute! What a nice story. We should get together some time for a play date!