Friday, March 5, 2010

Boy or Girl?

We are having the anatomy ultrasound in a little over two weeks and while we are there we will probably ask to find out the sex of the baby. A tiny part of me doesn't want to know but the majority of me does so that side will probably win. I'm not sure I can wait another 22 weeks to find out what we are having and I really don't know how to get ready for a baby not knowing if it is a boy or a girl. I think after we have had one of each it would be a lot easier to prepare since we would have everything we need.

For the first part of my pregnancy I thought this little one was a girl, now I am leaning more in the other direction.

I feel like I am carrying a little higher this time, I have been very emotional, and have had bad acne. All opposites of when I was carrying Quinn. I also haven't been as sick but have been just as if not more tired. That makes me think it is a girl. But there is just a part of me that thinks that this one feels like a boy again.

What do you think we are having?


Rebecca & Jeff said...

It is hard to say for sure! This pregnancy was way different for me then my first too, so I am going to guess GIRL!! Cant wait to hear!

SalleeAnn and Matt said...

I'm going with girl! But I'm usually wrong on these things, so that might guarantee a boy! :)