Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art Class

I have wanted to learn to draw and paint for a long time. Every time I would sign up to take a class I would have to drop it for something much more exciting, like math, ugh. When we first moved to Utah I went to Hobby Lobby, (couldn't you just spend hours in there) and I noticed a sign up sheet for art class. I recklessly wrote down my name and left. I started getting emails about the art classes and each time I would dream about going to one, but money was tight and the schedule never seemed to work out. I checked out library books and dabbled in learning some drawing techniques but I still really wanted someone to really teach me. Finally at Christmas everything seemed to fall into place, so I signed up to do oil painting. Then Peter's work schedule got changed so that he wouldn't be home in time. Luckily there was an option to do the same class on a Wednesday morning and thanks to my SIL Becky and a good friend who offered to babysit, I get to go paint for the next month. We are doing 2 paintings. I finished the 1st one today. Take a peek.

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Kylie W said...

the picture is beautiful Liz! I am amazed. Not only are you an amazing mom and cook and masseuse (sp?) you are also an artist! Geesh :)