Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"I'm so happy I get to go to preschool"

Quinn had his first day of preschool on Monday. 3 other moms and myself formed a small preschool group and I am so excited.Hey Quinn, make a funny face
He loved it. The first words out of his mouth when I picked him were :I'm so happy I got to go to preschool, can I go again right now. Glad you loved it buddy!

Its weird dropping off your little guy to go to school, even if it is just preschool. It made me a little sad, but happy because I know how good this is going to be for him. We do lots of learning stuff at home and I'm glad I still get to teach him but I'm glad for all the extra input he will get from learning from different mothers and kids. It was also super nice to just hang with the bean man and focus on him for a few hours.

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JoDee said...

Liz - So happy that things have settled down for you. What a beautiful home and adorable kids and a new van! Hooray! You guys deserve it! Good to see some updates! We miss you. Hugs!