Friday, January 29, 2010

Highs and woes of a pregnant lady

I love being pregnant! I have looked forward to this part of life for a really long time. I have always wanted to be a mother and really do it enjoy it. Its so neat that I am able to provide a nice home for this little one while it grows and gets ready to join us.

This pregnancy has been slightly different from the last one. Thankfully I am not as sick this time around, it more comes in spurts and on a daily basis than a continual, I have to stay in bed otherwise I will puke kind of sick. This is a huge blessing. I don't know how I would be able to take care of Quinn if I was that sick again.

I am experiencing a few different things this time around that I didn't with Quinn. I have that metallic coppery taste in my mouth. Actually before we found out I was pregnant I started having nose bleeds and thought the taste was just because of that. My left eye has also been drooping which I thought was just due to new contacts but that's pregnancy related too. I also noticed that I was showing around 4 weeks. No one else but Peter and I would have noticed but the bloated belly look started to clue us in to the fact that I could be pregnant. Either that or I had suddenly gained a bunch of weight.

My belly and back have been aching too. This didn't started until around 20 weeks with Quinn. With this one it started around 7...

With Quinn I knew what I could eat and not be sick. I loved baked potatoes with cheese, cheese and green onions together and breads! I couldn't stand raw chicken and actually have never really gotten over that.

It reminded me of working on the cadavers removing fat.

I won't go into details.

This time I can eat something one day and the next it makes me sick. I am a lot more aware of how my food smells and if it doesn't smell right I can't eat it.

This is definitely a healthier baby in that I want fruits and veggies and with Quinn I wanted fried food and carbs...maybe my eating never swung back to how it was and so now my body is just telling me what I need. Or maybe its because its a summer baby and wants light summery sorts of foods.

But I wouldn't miss out on any of this. I'm glad for the pregnancy symptoms because with this baby my attention is divided and sometimes I forget I am pregnant. Well maybe not forget....but its not at the front of my mind as it was with Quinn.
We had an ultrasound on Tuesday though and that was amazing. It is so neat to see the baby and it makes it that much more real. We have another ultrasound in two weeks so we get to see him/her again. Yay!

The ultrasound showed that the baby wasn't quite as far along as the original due date predicted so the new date is August 20th. Kinda weird...I already did the 11th and 12th weeks and today I just started my 11th week again.

I will have to post the ultrasound pictures soon, they are really sweet.

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