Friday, January 29, 2010


I have been on a selfish kick recently. I want to go back to school.

I really miss being in school. I really want to be a surgeon. It is awesome, amazing, fascinating, life saving, a constant learning curve, thought provoking and I really like using a bone saw.

Apart from the time that a cadaver kept giving me electric shocks, but that's another story.

But in the meantime I was going to become a nurse and then when my kids were older go back to med school and climb that ladder.

I won't go into details but it looks like it is going to be harder for me to go back to school than I was originally thinking. I wish people would stop changing curriculums, adding interviews, not offering night programs, ya know, that sort of thing. I worked hard when I was in college, got straight A's in all my nursing classes, did well on the TEAS test and got accepted into UVU's nursing program. But I gave that up so Peter could go to law school. And that was the best decision. Because his education is more important, he has to provide for our family. And I got to have a baby. Enough said

But it still kinda bums me out. I really want to do my bachelors in nursing, no other major interests me as much.

So we are exploring a couple of options and I am looking into different nursing programs in the west. I might even change my major. Because you see with nursing, I can't do one or two classes at time or do it online. Its clinicals and a set course load that you have to stick with on their time schedule. So maybe I'll do something like exercise science, that's what I was going to do originally, and that way I still get to keep learning, and then when the time is right I can become a nurse or just skip it and go straight to med school.

However, today I removed mucous from a nose, wiped away tears, soothed a baby, rubbed a back, gave a sponge bath, spoon fed breakfast and lunch to an unwilling child and took a rectal temperature...maybe I don't need to be a nurse, just a mother.



Moms make the best nurses!! And I'm sure Quinn appreciated you being there for him :)

Kylie Walker said...

Oh I have been thinking about this so much lately. As painful as our sacrifices are, when I think about our purpose in coming here, to give our children bodies and provide them with everything they need to return, it makes those sacrifices feel so much more important. This is why I love moms, though. The sacrifices women make with our bodies, careers, or the freedom to pee in private are so noble and selfless. I've realized, too, that sacrifice is one of the greatest principles of the gospel too. I really do admire you for your sacrifices for Quinn and Peter!