Monday, April 5, 2010

General Conference

I love listening to General Conference. It always seems to go by so fast these days. I remember being in my teens and it seemed to drag, and now before I can blink it is over. I love hearing the uplifting messages, pondering points that I could improve upon, and enjoying the strong spirit that enters our home as we listen to the voice of the Lord through his servents the Prophet, the Apostles and other auxillary leaders in the church.

I think my favorite talk was given by Sister Beck. It was one of those talks that seemed like it was written just for me. She spoke a lot on responsibilty and prioritizing, things that I have been struggling with recently. I felt strengthened and renewed after listening to her talk.

Did any of you see the corny LDS commericals they have after some of the sessions? There was one with two little boys that were at the hospital to see their new born sister and one of the boys gave a little toy car to his sister? I was bawling! Crazy pregnancy hormones!

We had a great Easter weekened spending time together, eatin gyummy food and candy and watchign conference. Pictures to come soon!

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