Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peanut's Ultrasound Pictures

Its so fun to look at the ultrasound pictures and picture what your little one is going to look like.

I think this little boy is going to look even more like Peter than Quinn does. It looks like Peanut has a slightly longer forehead and slightly thinner face, whereas in Quinn's ultrasound it looked a little rounder. It also appears that this one has Peter's nose too. Either way, ultrasounds do not capture the cuteness of a new little baby and cannot come close to depicting what that little baby is going to look like. I can not wait to count all those fingers and toes in person, to see what color the hair and eyes are, how those cute little ears stick out and to gaze at soft eyelashes against baby soft skin.

But for now these pictures are on our fridge so that we can see this little one everyday. I love it!

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