Friday, April 2, 2010

My suspicions were

Wrong this time!

I thought there was a good possibility this little one was a girl but it is in fact a boy! And we are so excited!

I love little boys, they are so much fun. And I am glad that Quinn will have a little brother that he can run around with too.

I dutifully ate a little chocolate before the ultrasound and as such our little guy was nice and squirmy for the ultrasound and spectacularly immodest so we could get a clear view of, um, everything.

The ultrasound went really well. Everything looks fantastic and I am right on track with my due date etc. They said that Peanut weighs 10.5 ounces and looked beautiful. The ultrasound also revealed a sweet little leg and foot wedged into some recess of my belly. I am glad to know what that was because every morning when I wake up I am so uncomfortable! This little one gets into weird positions and I have to waddle around for a little until all the kinks get worked out in there. The worst is always in my low left stomach and now I know it was his foot!

I am feeling great, still a little emotional, but have some more energy and have been daydreaming of all the sewing and projects that I want to make for Peanut. I started decorating Quinn's room when I was pregnant with him and am pretty excited to finish it up and add a few extra's so little brother has a place in there too. (Why do these projects always seem to take forever?)

I am in desperate need of taking some belly pictures and will have to post one soon as soon as I remember to ask my hubby to get the camera out of the one box I can't reach in the whole apartment.

Life has been pretty stressful the past week as we had to make some final decisions about classes, jobs, externships and research papers in order for Peter to complete his IP concentration and stay on track to graduate in December.

We are going to have a busy summer of Peter taking classes, working at a law firm and completing an IP externship at a corporate office somewhere for the first half of the summer. The second half will consist of him working at the law firm, working at the Law School's Civil Clinic, finishing up externship hours and starting on a proposal for an independent research paper. Then in the Fall he will finish up his last five classes and complete his research paper and continue to get experience working at the law firm. And some where in there we have to fit in bar review. But the end is in sight and I am looking forward to all the next few months have to offer, especially with the arrival of a new little son.


Rachel said...

Yeah! Congrats! How fun to have two little boys in a row...they will love it:). Sounds like things are going to be busy here on out, but it's awesome that Peter will be done in December! I'm excited to hear how things go these next months.

engquist said...

WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited!!