Tuesday, June 22, 2010

England Goodies

Today was a busy busy day. Lots of baking and playing with the little munchkin. The best part of the day was opening the door to see two packages from my amazing grandparents on the doorstep filled with goodies for our little family. Lots of treats that remind me of home.

We also inherited a little yellow duck. This duck has been in my grandparents 'extension' ever since I can remember and it was always such a treat to be able to eat a little chocolate out of the duck. (it is hollow and it twists apart). The ones I remember the most were wrapped as basketballs and soccer balls. Now the duck gets to be in our living room for Quinn and James to have their treats out of. Such a fun tradition!

Excuse me while I go relax on the couch and savor every bit of my Wispa candy bar. Divine!

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