Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Quinn

Quinn has been doing really great at learning signs and new words recently. His favorite words include:
Bar (for drinks)
Ken Dee (for his friend Kennedy)
and Fish

He amazes me at how fast he is starting to pick up language skills. I was able to teach him a couple of signs during dinner tonight where as before it would take a few days and before that he wouldn't sign back at all. He doesn't know a ton of signs but will do the signs for hungry, more, hat, light, thirsty, milk and fish.

If you ask Quinn how old he is he will now hold up 1 finger and then clap really excitedly.

He has been walking around saying fish and doing the fish sign a lot the past couple of days. We saw a fish at the library today and he was pretty excited about it. When we got home I decided to make some cardboard fish and attach paper clips to them so he could 'fish' them with a little magnetic fishing rod he has. I printed out the fish onto card and showed him the pictures. He looked at it and said "Fish!" Then ran into the room and sat down on the floor where we eat snacks and folded his arms to pray. Apparently he thought the fish in the picture were for dinner!

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