Monday, June 18, 2012


James has been such a sweetheart recently. He loves to give hugs and pats me on the back. He gives kisses to all our owies including his own and will bring everyone their shoes and clothes. He is still our super independent busy little man. I don't have many pictures of him because most of the ones I take are blurry he is always going somewhere. He loves to be outside and ridding his scooter, playing with cars and trains and reading books about cars and trains.

Over the past few weeks he has been letting me put him in the swings again and has been loving it!

The boys and I have been doing lots of hiking. James loves to run ahead and explore and gets so excited when he finds streams and waterfalls
He loves to find hills and walk up and then run down as fast as he can

And this picture sums up our silly little one

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