Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Quinn is turning into quite the responsible little guy. He helps set the table, help James put on his shoes and the other morning I woke up to him collecting all the trash and taking it out! I know right... He is an awesome climber and really has a thing for his tumbling class...I am always amazed at how strong he is. He can do front rolls, flip himself over the bar, swing on the rope, donkey kicks etc We are taking a break from the class for the summer and when he starts up again I think he will be in a more advance class. He loves swimming, hiking, riding his bike and chilling in the grass. He loves preschool and was so sad when he found out it was done for the summer that he cried for a half hour. He loves to read and "fix" things. He has been working on how to write his name and I always find little Q's all over his artwork. I even found some written on his arms and legs the other day. He is also extremely proud of the fact that he is 3! And isn't sure if he wants to turn 4 :-)

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engquist said...

why is he so huge? and handsome? and grown up looking? well, I totally understand the handsome part, but the other two are freaking me out! (: