Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Peter was a great father, even from the time Quinn was the size of a bean. He took care of his son by helping take care of me. He would cook dinner and help clean as fatigue and morning sickness over took. He came to every doctors appointment and gave his input on all the important decisions to be made. He single handily put together the crib so his son would have a place to sleep and was involved in making decisions from what kind of bottles we should get and mattress firmness to car seat safety and a coming home outfit. His excitement and enthusiasm was evident.Peter was there for every moment of the labor and delivery. He was an awesome coach and helped ensure the safe arrival of his son. He was brave enough to observe his son's entry into the world amidst all the goop and was wiling to cut the umbilical cord. He was there every moment to take care of him while I was recovering.
Peter is a proud papa. He is always telling me "man I like this kid" or "I'll think we'll keep him" (even though I think we made that decision a long time ago :-p) He notices all Quinn's growths and accomplishments and always gets a childlike excitement when Quinn does something cool.
Being a papa sure is tiring but Peter always has time for his son, even if its just napping together. Peter doesn't just take care of Quinn when he is happy and smiling but when he is hurt, upset or mad and stinky. He has waited patiently for his son to learn how to fall asleep knowing that even though the cries were heartwrenching that it was the best thing for his son. He has comforted him after yucky shots and soothed him as little teeth try to make their way through. He is the one who usually changes the goopiest, stinkiest diapers, takes no thought about spit up geting all over his shirts and is always willing to bathe and clothe Quinn

And Quinn sure adores his amazing father. The smiles on his face when Daddy comes home sure are cute.
Happy Fathers Day!


Ritchie Family Blog said...

I love the sleeping pictures of the two boys... and that first picture is so beautiful!!! I love pregnant pictures like that... I think they are so romantic... lol.

Peter said...

Liz is far too flattering.