Monday, June 22, 2009

Haircuts and teeth

So you might remember me posting about 4 months ago that Quinn had a tooth. Well, turns out this tooth was on a spring and popped in and out of Quinn's poor little mouth for a while. Some days there was an obvious white point and the next it was gone. Well last Monday I got bitten but a nice sharp new tooth and this one was here to stay. I think the tooth must have been lonely though cuz the next day another one popped up right next to it. So our little man now officially has his two bottom middle teeth.
I was also shocked to find that at 5 months he needed a haircut. He sitll doesn't have a ton but what he did have was growing into a mullet and really long bangs so a haircut was needed. You can't really tell from the pictures but we took of about 2 inches in the front.

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Ritchie Family Blog said...

He seems like such a happy kid... He's a cutie.