Monday, June 22, 2009


Reason #435 I love our new apartment: We live around the corner from the library. We have some great books for Quinn but its always nice to get a new book. Just so I don't have to read the same one for the 567th time. One book we found that we especially liked is called Peedie. It is about a gosling named Peedie who forgets things. But he always remembers his red baseball cap, until one day he looses it. Such a cute book. Its simple, interesting and the illustrations are great!


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Sweet! I think I actually remember that book. I love public libraries.. they are great. I think that is great that you are already reading so much to Quinn.

JoDee said...

Yay for libraries! We love being so close too - just around the corner, huh? I'll have to check this book out - sounds adorable.

engquist said...

A close proximity to a library is ALWAYS a good thing! How fun!