Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Still Don't KNow

So I woke up this morning super excited. I counted down the hours, we left on time, get to the hospital and are informed that our appointment was a half hour ealier!

I could of sworn it was 1:30 but alas it was 1pm. I have been kicking myself for not double checking. I have so many appointments swishing around in my head some of them are bound to get confused. I have a calander on my fridge for this very reason so I can look at it every day and remind myself what is happening. But I was so confident I knew when this appointment was I didn't even thinking of looking again.

Oh well, we have another appointment on Monday which really isn't too far away.

Dissapointment hurts, especially wqhen you come off of an emotional high, but thats ok, I am just going to have to work on my patience and make it till next Monday. And either way we will find out in about 5 months time, one way or another.... I just hope its sooner than later.

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SalleeAnn and Matt said...

Such a bummer!!! I am so impatient for things like that. But maybe it just builds up the excitement!!! :)