Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cute things, fun faces and the tale of the backpack

So the battery in our camera died and apparently the ease of taking out the battery and plugging it into the charger was too much for me. But I finally did it! Yay me, and so I have been trying to take some more pictures of the happenings around here. Which means your get to be bombarded with pictures of Quinn. But he is cute and fun so its all good.

We tried to go bowling on Saturday but had some troubles finding the Bowling Alley and ended up at East Rock park. We walked by the river, played on a turtle, swung on the swings and explored a little-Quinn found a rock and an acorn he was pretty focused on.
Turtle Climbing
Papa helping Quinn walk on the turtle. Such a cute picture of them

Checking out the park

I love his studious face! Here he is thinking about the acorn

Lovin' the swings. I had such a hard time getting a picture with him looking up, he thought leaning over the seat and staring at the ground was more fun. He's right, remember doing that as a kid? And you would see the ground rush by and feel a little dizzy? :-)

Another favorite picture
The Tale of the Backpack.
So Quinn is really into imitating us right now. He loves to help clean, he wants to be the one who uses the keys to unlock things, he handed Peter a belt the other morning wanting when he saw Peter putting on another belt and wanted to help. He then wanted to wear the belt just like Daddy.
The other morning Quinn walks into our closet and sees an empty backpack sitting on top of the washer. He started pointing and grunting at the backpack and so I gave it to him. He immediately put it on and headed for the front door. I opened the door and he headed out down the hall.

(Sorry the picture is so blurry, this kid moves fast)

He made his way over to the elevator
He tried really hard to push the elevator button

And looked pretty disgruntled he couldn't reach it.
I'm guessing he wanted to head off to school just like Daddy does every morning.
Cute Faces

(Sorry that light is so bright)

Kissing himself in the mirror
Recent Favorites and New Things:
Quinn loves giving wide open mouth kisses, and it has to be right on the mouth too.
He gives high fives
Loves climbing on the couch
Is able to slide down the slide by himself (He usually climbs up the steps, holds onto the bar, swings himself forwarded onto the slide and lets go) Sometimes he goes down feet first but on his tummy.
Loves picking things up and putting them away
really enjoys playing with keys and putting them in a little hole in the bottom of the front door
Loves baths and playing with his letters- They stick to the bath and he usually always gets them facing the right way
Loves making Indian sounds
Loves being chased and tickled
Loves pulling his caterpillar, helicopter and other things behind him
Would rather see how something works than play with it- For example, he has a basketball hoop that has buttons you press to make the balls drop but he pushes the balls down and then loves playing with the latches on the inside.
Loves plugging wires into the speaker.
Blows on his food
Clasps his hands together for prayers
Knocks on doors when he wants to go in.
Says mmmm when he likes food
Loves it when Daddy comes home from school
Loves the laundry room
Tries to open the fridge when he is hungry
Grabs our hands and pulls us to where he wants to go
Follows and understands basic directions pretty well
Likes to sit and read books to himself, even upside down
Has a molar with more coming through- he now has a total of 9 teeth
Picks Daddy's nose during prayers
Likes to play with eyelashes
Loves animals, especially dogs and birds
Boy we love this kid!

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