Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zoo Day!

Our local library is awesome and offers discounted or free passes to some great places to take kids. We were able to snag the pass to Beardsley Zoo over Peter's spring break and so we took the little man to see all the animals. Its not a huge zoo but there is lots to see and perfect for exposing Quinn to lots of different animals.
This was Quinn's 3rd visit to the zoo. The first time was when he was just a few months old. The second was when he was 10 months old and he seemed pretty interested. But this time he loved it! He was excited about all the animals and would point and talk about them. He would also watch them so intently. It was great to see him enjoying everything.

While we were there we saw a group of peacocks with , not 1, but 5 with their tail feathers all spread. They were beautiful! Some of the peacocks feathers were so tall that they acted as sails and when the wind blew they would be blown around a little. They were fun to watch.

I love this picture! My boys :-)

It was a fun trip and I am looking forward to going again this summer before the little peanut gets here.

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Kylie Walker said...

I love the zoo pictures, I want to go soon too. I'm glad Quinn enjoyed the weather and all of your other fun adventures during your vacation from school this week. I hope you're feeling a bit better tonight.